1. I have just been made aware of these two videos regarding the company Coca-Cola.

    The first video is by Coca-Cola, in which they promote themselves as an incedible company that deeply cares for the citizens of Canada and America.

    Whereas the second video speaks the truth, by highlighting that Coco-Cola is contributing to the obesity in Canada and America and their products are causing detrimental damage to their citizen’s health .

    Watch this video first:

    Now watch this video:

    Please make the correct and informed decision not to drink Coca-Cola, they are partially responsibly for America’s obesity and their drinks will damage your health.

    There are many sites available that provide information on good nutrition and fun exercise! Check out Paleo in a Box and Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple to begin with. My blog also reccomends further sites.


  2. Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself by Rich Roll

    I very much enjoyed reading this book and obtaining insight into an Ultra-marathon Athlete.

    Rich Roll is very inspiring and will motivate you to challenge your body, stand out from the crowd and obtain incredible fitness.

    He describes his incredible journey from an irresponsible alcoholic to a loving father and husband, vegan and ultra-athlete.

    As you read his book, you realise that everything is possible and the only thing in your way of achieving your goals is yourself.

    Reading this book has made me want to achieve optimal fitness through pushing myself more in crossfit and experimenting with a vegan diet.

    I am now aiming to participate in an iron man and the fire and ice ultra-marathon. It may take me a couple of years but I am determined to get there.

  3. CrossFit - Beauty in Strength (by CrossFit®)

  4. Packed and ready for my very wet hike and wild camping in the #BreconBeacons! Very excited!


  5. Good simple article on supplements


  6. Another Week of Paleo Lunches! (Part 1 of 5)


    Another Week of Paleo Lunches! (Part 1 of 5) by Michelle Tam http://nomnompaleo.com

    Every year, it seems like summer ends just a little bit earlier. It’s only mid-August—Labor Day is still two weeks away!—but my kids are already back in school. (Just before his first day of kindergarten began, Lil-O announced to the kids clustered outside the classroom door that he farts out of his butt. This is going to be a looong year.)

    Once again, we face the Dreaded Morning Scramble: a desperate race against the clock to get the boys scrubbed, changed, fed, and out the door—but not before getting their lunches packed. In the chaos of the morning, it can be a frustrating chore to make and pack fun, healthy, and easy mid-day meals. You know the feeling, right?

    Another Week of Paleo Lunches! (Part 1 of 5) by Michelle Tam http://nomnompaleo.com

    With this in mind, I partnered last year with my buddy Jackie Linder of LunchBots—my favorite stainless steel lunch containers in the world—to come up with a week’s worth of Paleo-friendly packed lunch ideas. (Check out our five-part series here!) This year, we decided to put our heads together again to whip up another week of Paleo lunches.

    Another Week of Paleo Lunches! (Part 1 of 5) by Michelle Tam http://nomnompaleo.com

    One thing to keep in mind before we kick off our new series of lunches: these are just ideas that are meant to inspire you to pack wholesome, healthful foods in your lunch boxes. Feel free to disregard the specifics, and pack whatever real foods you and your offspring will actually eat. After all, even if you’ve packed the most delicious and nutritious meal possible for your kids, it’ll all be for naught if it ends up in the garbage or traded away for a bag of chips and a can of soda.

    Encourage your little ones to choose their own lunch items from your Paleo-friendly pantry and fridge. And have them help you make their lunches the night before. This way, the food you pack will actually stand a chance of getting eaten.


    And remember: lunches don’t have to be fancy. Lil-O still insists that his favorite packed lunch is cold scrambled eggs. (Weird, I know.)

    Ready to read about a lunch you can pack tomorrow?

    Another Week of Paleo Lunches! (Part 1 of 5) by Michelle Tam http://nomnompaleo.com

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  7. CrossFit WOD 4

    After warming up we practised our deadlifts, slowly adding weight until we reached our maximum for one rep.

    I am very excited to announce that my maximum weight for one rep was 65kg!

    We then completed the following WOD:

    15 : 12 : 9

    Dead lift (Initially I lifted 50kg but had to drop it down to 45kg half way)

    Sit -ups

    I finnished the WOD in 5.47minutes!

    This is a massive improvement for me because it was only on 23rd July that was I able to lift a maximum of 50kg three times!

    I am very excited to see my improvements continue!!


  8. CrossFit Mobility/Technique Workshop

    On Sunday 11th August I attended a Mobility/Technique Workshop at CrossFit Guildford.

    The workshop was very beneficial to attend, I learnt about the importance of flexibility in crossfit, correct posture and that you should complete at least 20 minutes of mobility exercises every day with no day off!

    Since the workshop I have been much more aware of my posture and consequently have been trying to stand and sit with a straight back, shoulders drawn up, back and down the back, chin tucked slightly in, thumb turned out and chest pointing up and forward. It has been rather difficult but I feel I am improving and feel better for it.

    I must admit that I have yet to complete 20 minutes of mobility exercise a day, but I am going to try and implement a ritual of practicing Kundalini/Iyengar yoga every morning starting tomorrow. At the moment my yoga practice is ad-hoc and this is something I would like to change.

    I am off to my fourth WOD tonight and will keep you updated regarding my yoga ritual!


  9. CrossFit WOD 3

    Having fully recovered from my last WOD I decided to attend my third on Saturday 10th August.

    Every Saturday CrossFit Guildford holds a team WOD, where you complete a work out as a team. I was in an all girl team of 3 and we had super fun together!

    We had to complete following challenge between us:

    100 x plate GTO (Ground To Overhead)

    100 x plate burpess

    100 x plate lunges

    100m run with plate each

    We each used a 10kg plate and completed the challenge in 18.21 minutes which were very pleased with!

    After this WOD was CrossFit Guildford’s Weightlifting Club and for some unbeknown reason, I decided to stay with about 10 others.

    Despite being rather depleted in energy, I was very glad that I stayed because I was able to considerably improve my squat clean and by the end I was lifting 25kg! 

    After this session I bought myself a bag of Progenex Recovery Belgium Chocolate Flavour as it worked so well last time.

    I had a fabulous morning and am very glad that I joined CrossFit Guildford!


  10. CrossFit WOD 2

    It took me about a week and a half to recover from the enjoyable hell of Angie! However I was left wanting more, so on Thursday 8th August I attended my second WOD at CrossFit Guildford. This involved:

    30 - 20 - 10 sets of:

    Wall-Balls at 10lbs


    This workout took me 7 minutes and I was knackered afterwards, but felt exhilarated and proud that I had completed it!

    On the recommendation of my trainer, I then took 2 scoops of Progenex Recovery Belgium Chocolate flavour to help my body recover from the WOD. It was very sweet but enjoyable!

    The next day I felt great; I was full of energy and my body was very comfortable! I was able to go to my Polo lesson feeling fantastic and ready to go!